Monday, September 24, 2012

Gross Factor

Well, the writing bug hit over the weekend. It was awesome. I'm all the way up to page 214 now. I'm just about nearing the end of the story, but will have to go back and somehow connect the beginning to the end. There are a couple of parts in the middle that are done. But sometimes I find that when I go back to read/edit the earlier chapters, I end up adding more. Like when I added the 8 pages to the first chapter the other day. That's the other hard part. Figuring out where to put chapter breaks. Anyway, prepare to be grossed out a few times. They are vampires after all. So, if you're a wuss, and hate all things gory, then don't pick up book 2. I'm going to have my husband read over the gross parts to make sure they aren't too gross. But from what I've just told him about it so far, he thinks it will be awesome. But, he's a guy, so maybe this is a bad idea. I should find a girl to read it and tell me. But, that will ruin the story for whoever I found to read it. Oh, what to do. So, opinions-what would be too gross for you? The funniest part to me, is that I'm a girl, and I think it's cool. But I had a comment from a co-worker of a friend, that said she didn't read all of the first book because some of it was "gross." I have no idea where that came from since there's nothing "gross" in the first book. I'll make sure not to sell her the second one. Some people can be such wimps. So, really, I want your opinion. Think of the grossest things you could handle as far as goriness factor, and shoot me a comment.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Forward Progress

I love writing! I especially love when I'm excited while writing a certain scene. It's like it's coming out on the screen as I'm picturing it happening. Right now, I'm working on some fun, intense scenes. I have finally figured out what is going to happen in the end. It took long enough, sheesh. I still have some questions about what's going to happen in the middle. I worked yesterday on editing the first chapter. I ended up adding eight pages, so I had to divide it. I figured a twenty three page chapter would be a little too long. I've had a few critiques of the first chapter, and they're divided, so it's hard for me to figure out how exactly to work it. Some people say it's too boring to continue right where we left off. But most of the books I like to read are exactly like that. Some people wanted some backstory of what happened in book one, but those are all people who haven't read it. I hate when I'm reading a book and they start off with a recap. It's like, "Duh, I already read the last book in this series. Get on with it already." So, I'm struggling to move right into it without sounding dull. But really, that's what happens as they move on with life. I figure the prologue sucks you in enough with action, that you want to keep reading. Just like with book one. It's like, "What the crap is going on now? I need to read further to figure it out." I like when books do that with a prologue. Someone told me once that most people don't read that part. What? Why would anyone not read that? It either gives you pertinent information as to what is going to happen next, or what will happen a few chapters from now. Either way, I love prologues.
On a side note-I keep reading/being advised that it is improper to use adverbs when describing the way someone says something. Example: "Ready to fight some more?" he asked eagerly. Or "Focus more," Finn said seriously. What's wrong with that? Every book I read in my genre uses this type of writing. And guess what? It doesn't bug me one bit. So, critics/supposed experts, get over yourself. Yes, there are times when I find ways to change things like, "seriously" to "in all seriousness." But sometimes there just isn't a better way to say what I want to say. Okay, rant over. I guess the most important thing is to stay true to myself. My story makes me happy, and I want it to make other people happy, but if they don't, I won't die.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Getting There

Yesterday, inspiration hit. I was able to sit down and write another ten pages. Albeit, it wasn't all at once. I folded some laundry in there somewhere, and got some chocolate milk for a four year old. And probably some other stuff too. I'm excited about where the story is headed. For a while, I had no idea where it was going to go. I still have no idea how it's going to end-so it will be a surprise to all of us. But I got to do some research on medieval swords and daggers several days ago, and that was fun. I totally want one now. In chapter two, a new character is introduced. I'm keeping him a secret (except now you know it's a 'him'). I only stopped writing last night because I really wanted to go on a date with my husband. But I have a few more ideas in my head. So maybe tomorrow, I'll sit down after church and hash out a little more. So, 147 pages down...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Return to Darkness

Drum roll please... Here it is. The cover for book 2. This does not mean that I am in any way close to being finished with the book, but at least it has a cover. I'm hoping to have the book ready to release by next Spring 2013. Well, back to work.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Return to Darkness-Prologue

Well, here it is, the much anticipated prologue to book two. If you haven't read book one yet, then you probably shouldn't read any further. For those of you who have read book one, I hope you're excited after reading this. My intention is to suck you in like I did with the first book. Let me know what you think.