Monday, October 29, 2012


I had a new playlist for Destiny Bound. I absolutely can't write without music. It totally gives me inspiration. This time around, I actually have songs for different scenes in the book. It's kinda weird, but it plays out like the soundtrack for the movie inside my head while I'm writing. Here's a few. I'll give you bonus points if you know any of the artists. No cheating by googling.

-Too Close
-Cosmic Love
-Time After Time
-Open Your Eyes
-Let’s Get Lost
-Meet Me on the Equinox
-Heavy in Your Arms
-My Love
-Turning Page
-Up All Nigh
-Love Will Take You

Make your own playlist and follow the inspiration it gives you.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Destiny Bound

Well, I did it. I finished writing Destiny Bound yesterday. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with myself for writing a book in two weeks. Of course, it's just a first draft, but it's an entire book. I've lost two pounds sitting in this office chair in my cave, eating nothing but Sno Balls, M &M's, and other such crap. One doesn't have time for real food or bathroom breaks when the inspiration hits. Okay, so I did stop to go to the bathroom and make dinner once or twice. But my family are troopers having "whatever you want night" for dinner way too many nights in a row. And of course, the few loads of laundry that actually got done, are still sitting in the basket-clean, but not folded. Hey, if you need something, go dig for it yourself.
I decided I will set it aside for now so that I can go back to Return. My goal is to have it ready to print in the Spring. I'm more than halfway through with it, but I had to set it aside because I was so frustrated with how to begin the story. It has an ending, some stuff in the middle, and the first six chapters. But after some of the feedback I got about how to start a sequel, I thought I should take another look at it.
Well, here's the deal. No, I am not trying to copy other writers, but I do look to other books I've read for reference on how their sequels start. And guess what? They're not all the same. Some pretty much pick up right after the last sentence of the previous book. Some jump ahead a few weeks (which is what mine does), and throw in a few flashbacks of something important that took place in between the last sentence and the first sentence of this new book. So, as helpful as advice can be sometimes, I've decided to write my book the way I want to. Because guess what? If you read number one, you'll probably read number two to see what happens next. Whether I pick up with the last sentence or jump three weeks into their new life together.
I've never been one to care what others thought of me, until I started getting older. For some reason, I sometimes feel like I need the approval of others. But I feel like I'm starting to reconnect with the old me. I mean I didn't completely disappear. I've remained my sarcastic, cynical self, but there have just been certain things that I'm afraid I'll be judged on.
But guess what? Screw you. I didn't start writing In the Midst of Darkness because I was determined to be the next Stephanie Meyer. I didn't even sit down one day and say, "Hey, I'm gonna write a book." I saw a post on Facebook that gave me the first line of the book. It wasn't even going to be a book. I just thought, "Hey, that'd be a cool first line of a story." So my story turned into a book. I published it because my friends and family wanted to read it. And when I got to the last line, I thought, "Oh crap, this is really long, but I don't think this is the end of their story." So, here I am struggling with the sequel. And now, I'm going to write it how I want to write it. I know I'm never going to make money doing this-even though that would be my ultimate dream. But it's something I love. I didn't realize how much I loved it until I really started doing it. And maybe there are even more stories in my head, floating around, waiting to be pulled out.
For now, I'm going to write it the way I want to write it. If you don't like it, oh well, too bad so sad for you.

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Ideas

Well, I'm officially taking a break from Return to Darkness. I got so frustrated with some of the comments on how I should start it, how slow it was, etc. It made me feel like I have to completely write a new first chapter and make chapter 1 now chapter 2. The somewhat good news is that it's already more than halfway written. Though, I'll have to go through the whole editing process before it can be released.

Since I'm taking a break from it, I've been working on a new story. During the Story a Day challenge in May, I started a new story with werewolves and witches. No vamps this time. I wrote two chapters, though I only labeled them as part 1 and part 2 because I only thought it would be a short story. But, when I got frustrated with Return, I thought, "Hey, maybe I should work on that story. It might be fun." Well, I just picked up where I left off, and I've been writing non-stop for days. Okay, I've stopped to see my family every so often. But... I have 204 pages written. So, it seems as if there is another published book in my future. It's weird because during book 1, I figured that was all I would ever write. Then I got to what is now the ending of that book, and thought, "This story isn't over yet. I guess I'll have to finish it in a sequel." But again, I thought that was it. But it was weird. I was in the car one day and the first line of this new story popped into my head. I thought I better write it down when I got home, and then I had a few ideas for it.

The main characters are Nick, a werewolf, and Sofia, a witch. They're sworn enemies, but when Nick transfers to Mason High halfway through Senior year, something strange pulls them to each other. Hopefully, you'll want to find out what that is and why it's happening.

Okay, I can't resist. Here's a little taste of what's coming:

“You’re sure it’s his?” I wanted to be sure, otherwise this was a complete waste of time.
“Yeah, Sof. It’s his,” he said, taking Nat’s hand in his. Even though they weren’t linked to me, they could share their combined power with me to add to the strength of the spell.
I lit the candle and placed it on the floor in front of me. I took one of the three pieces of cord lying on the floor and tied it around the base of the candle. Then I chanted,
                        By three and nine your power I bind.
                        By Moon and Sun my will be done.
I took the next piece of cord and tied it around the middle of the candle, and continued my chant.
                        Sky and Sea, keep harm from Nico,
                        Cord go ‘round, power be bound.
I tied the third cord around the candle’s base, and said,
                        Light revealed,
                        Now be sealed.
I blew out the candle, and spoke the final line of the spell,
                        So mote it be.

So what do you think? And for all of you waiting for Return, I promise to start working on it again soon.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well, I'm struggling again. I think with the prologue to "Return" that I suck you into the story. You're thinking, "Oh, crap what's happening? When is this going to happen?" So, I just start chapter one with what's been happening since the last book ended. That's what I normally expect out of a sequel. What about you? I've had some people on scribophile critiquing the first chapter, and a few have said that it's not exciting and doesn't draw you right into the story. However, none of these people have read the first book. So, I'm thinking, "Well, duh. It's gonna be boring if you don't know how the last one ended." I need opinions from people who have actually read the book. Or even just people who read sequels. How do you like your sequels to start out?