Monday, August 26, 2013

Destiny Bound

Destiny Bound should be coming soon. The cover is done, the book is done, but still in the hot little hands of some beta readers. I would like to have it out in the early fall. So far, my readers have commented that though they love my first series, this book is their favorite. I'm not sure why, but I loved writing it more too. I will always love Waverly and Finn and definitely Ireland, but this one was fun. This time, I used French and Italian names. Maybe I was born in the wrong country, but I love other names and languages so much more than our own. I have always loved the name, Nick (maybe because it's the shortened version of my name that my family uses?), so my male lead is Nico and goes by Nick most of the time. Sofia is our leading lady, with Nathalie as her BFF. The witches and werewolves are a combination of French and Italian families. I don't explain why or when their families came to America. I didn't really think it was relevant to the story, but in my mind, as I was writing, I could hear Sofia's parents' thick Italian accents. All of the kids in the book were born in America though. 
Anywho, I did a smidgen of research for this one. Mostly witchy stuff-like spells and rituals. Aspen Springs, Arizona where they live, is roughly based on Flagstaff, Arizona. The apartment complex mentioned is an actual place I found online. This book is slightly more PG-13 than the last two. Still no premarital sex because I just don't believe in that, but some hot and heavy make out sessions happen, along with the words, "Damn" and "Hell" one or two times. I use some Italian and French in the book. My BFF from high school was born in Italy and I have verified all of the Italian with her because let's face it, the internet might not always be accurate on how to translate an exact sentence. Especially because occasionally in other languages, things don't directly translate into English. I didn't find it necessary to put any kind of dictionary in the book. Most of the time, I have Sofia repeat back to Nick in English whatever he has said in Italian. Everywhere else, you should be able to understand from the context. I'm really excited about this book and will keep you updated on its release date.