Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost There

Well, the time is almost here when the book will be complete. Like fully complete. I met with my friend Rebecca today and she's going to work on the cover this week. It won't be long now. As soon as I upload the cover, it will be ready to print a proof copy. I'm not sure how long that takes, but hopefully it will be ready within the next month for you to buy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. I've been trying to work on the sequel, but it's slow going. Instead, a random idea came to me yesterday. It probably won't be more than a story, but it's about werewolves and witches. I'm four pages in. I know that's not impressive, but for a random idea that came to me in the car yesterday afternoon it's pretty good. It took me awhile to come up with the main character's name. So, here's hoping inspiration hits today while I sit and stare at the second book. I'm five chapters in and struggling to figure out where the story will go next.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So, come to find out, the company I was thinking of publishing with, is one where the author pays the publisher to do the work for them. Now, I'm not knocking that, I just don't have the bob (you'll find out what that means in Irish slang when you read the book) to do that right now. Therefore, I am in the process of creating my book online through CreateSpace on my own. Yep, that's right; I'll be one of those lame, self-published, indie authors. But, maybe someday when I'm rich and famous and someone is buying the movie rights, like Amanda Hocking, I'll be able to afford to publish somewhere else. Or, publishing companies will be beating my door down. Anywho, after a day and a half of trying to format the stupid thing just right, it's now officially downloaded and saved. My 183 pages, ended up at 412! On to the cover. My super awesome friend, Rebecca has offered to help me design it. I know what I want, so hopefully it will turn out. I didn't want to go with one of the plain cheesy templates that were already made up. Because we all know, that you do judge a book by its cover. At least I do anyway. I went to Barnes and Noble a few months ago to check out the "Teen Paranormal Romance" section, and if the cover was lame, I didn't even bother to read the back to see what it was about. If it looks cool, it probably is cool. I'll keep this updated once I get my proof back and it becomes ready for sale on Amazon and possibly Barnes and Noble. Then, you can all run to your computers right away to buy 6 copies of it because you know you want one for your mom, sister, teen daughter, friend, friend of a friend, and even your grandma.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Publishing News

So, exciting news ... my book has officially been sent in to a publisher. Here's how it happened- my mom's cousin Lori (that makes her my second cousin I guess), knew that I had written a book. She happened to have a local contact who she then sent my blog address to. She read it and was already interested without even reading any of my book yet. She just liked my writing (probably because I'm totally awesome at it). I sent her the first eleven chapters because that was all that had been edited. She also sent me the number and email for the owner of the company. My editor finally got off his duff and finished editing, so I contacted her and she asked me to send it in. So, there you go. Hopefully, I will hear back sooner rather than later. I was not born with an ounce of patience. I've wanted to publish since I finished the book this past summer. Hopefully, more good news will follow.

In other news, Book 2-Return to Darkness-is already a whole 33 pages long! Okay, so I realize that's not a lot. But remember that's how Book 1 started before I just sat down and wrote for an entire summer and finished it. It's baseball season at our house, so I don't have tons of time to write, and actually, the ideas are lost in my head somewhere and haven't yet manifested themselves. I have really felt the itch to write lately, so I plan on sitting down tomorrow and at least stare at the screen for an hour.

Lastly, my editor/cousin Brian has also decided that he's a writer and has started his own blog. Check it out here

In honor of Brian, I thought I would also include his exact quote, "Thanks to my awesomeness, my cousin has been inspired to try some writing, pretty much as an homage to me. Isn't that cute? Go visit his blog and see his amusing first efforts, and try to be patient with his lack of expertise,"