Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Done!

Hooray! It's finally done. Return is finished and I have gone through my first edit. I am sending it out to my beta readers today and hope to have a release date before Mother's Day! I know you're squealing in anticipation with me! This was a hard road. I didn't feel like book one was the end of Finn and Waverly's story, but it was difficult to figure out what was in store for them. I am excited about their journey and hope you will be too. Jessie plays a big part of this story as well. You will be excited for her. I keep using the word, "excited," but I am!! And this is a great book for your guy friends too. There's plenty of surfing and gory fighting! I love it. It makes me smile to be graphic and gross.

Anywho, I had a reader already go through Destiny Bound, and once I'm done with another edit of that, I hope to release it as well. I want your opinion. Would you like to see it out right after Return, or would you prefer to wait awhile. I don't want to flood everyone with both books if they aren't ready. Opinions?