Friday, July 13, 2012

In the News

Yep, it's official, I'm in the news. My BFF from Jr. High and High School many moons ago, writes for the Newport Beach Independent online. Her latest article is about self-publishing and she told my story. Thanks so much to Edie for her support in not only buying my book, but in helping me promote as well. I love having great friends. Here's the link so you can stop what you're doing and read it immediately!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Writer's Block

So... I have writer's block. I guess it was inevitable. I am a writer after all. It's just weird because once I started really working on this first book, the juices kept flowing. I wrote everyday. For hours at a time sometimes. Even if I had to stop to take my kids to the pool or bowling or all the other fun summer stuff we did last year, I was able to come home and pick up where I left off. This summer, not so much. I did write a few more pages the other day. So, I'm at about 101 pages. I have the first five chapters done, but after that, there are just sections that I want to insert somewhere. I'm still totally clueless as to where I even want to go with the story. Plus, I've been trying to promote this first book a little, so it hasn't been a priority. I'm going to try to just sit down today and see what (if anything) comes out. My three youngest kids are at grandma's farm for a couple of days, and Bubba just left for baseball practice with dad, so it's now or never. Well, I'm off.