Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I'm now up to 208 pages in Destiny Revealed. Coming along. I hope to be done by the middle of September, which is totally doable since I actually wrote Destiny Bound in two weeks from start to finish. Of course it had to be edited, but the book was complete. I did realize the other night though that certain things didn't make sense the way I explained them. I thought, "Wait, why did all the families move to America? And if witches and werewolves hate each other, why live in the same place?" Then I also wondered why the witches in Giuliana's coven were a mixture of French and Italian. Do not despair, all these questions will be answered! Almost as soon as I'd written down like five or six questions (I can't tell you the other ones I had because that would give some stuff away), I thought of the answers. I just needed to write them down for myself to come up with the answers. For some reason, I never thought about some of those things when I wrote the first book. I was just focused on Sofia and Nico's love story. Now I'm getting into some of the whys. I'm still trying to come up with something for the back cover. That's hard-getting people interested without giving away too much. I'm working on some middle stuff now-Sofia and Nick take a trip to Italy to visit her grandparents for a honeymoon. They've graduated high school and now what? I think you'll love Dash this time around. He's grown on Sofia-and me for that matter. There's possibly a new villain along with our favorite best friend that we hate, Ky.
I've toyed with the idea of going back and writing a novella from Nick's point of view from the first book. What do you think?

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