Monday, August 17, 2015

Holy crap!

Wow, I really haven't kept my blog updated. I do have an author's page on Facebook now. It's Nicole L. Bailey. I really should've used the L. on all my covers so you could distinguish my books from the other Nicole Bailey who writes much steamier stuff (okay let's just say it for what it is, porn). But since I've done my covers myself, it's quite time consuming and annoying to keep going back and changing things because I have to re-submit it all to createspace and wait for it to be accepted again. And if it isn't just right, it gets rejected. *sigh* Anyway, I started writing again, but then took a hiatus this whole spring and summer. Like I mentioned in my bio, my kids play baseball. As in, all four of them. This year, three had games on the same days. And then two of them played all summer as well. Our family went on a much needed vacation on a cruise to Mexico with my husband's family and I'm feeling ready to buckle down and get this done. It's unacceptable to me that it's taken so long to write Destiny Revealed. I absolutely hate when authors make me wait for the next book in a series. In my defense, Destiny Bound can be a stand alone novel. But then I went and told everyone that Nico and Sofia's story wasn't done. I really love this new book and whether it ends up being a full novel or just a novella, I'm excited to finish and get it released. The big problem is that I have a beginning and the major conflict. Now to figure out the middle and how it ends. I have the cover finished and much of the book. I have had lots of volunteers to proofread when I'm done, so it's up to them to read and critique fast. That's been the hardest part in all this. Critique. Ugh. Of course every author wants to hear that their story is fabulous and perfect and I'm not good at having people rip up my stuff. I do not have thick skin as the saying goes. But I'm excited again and my story makes me smile. There's a new character along with all our old friends. A trip to France and Italy is in their future. And of course, the drama with Ky isn't over yet. Did you really think Ky would give up Sofia so easily? Oh, and I did end up going with a new cover because the girl on the first one was just way too ugly to be Sofia. So here it is. I hope to post a little teaser soon.

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